US Patent Training
Do you need help creating an in-house patent department or with in-house employee training? We offer custom training to meet your needs in areas of US patent drafting, US patent prosecution, US patent docketing, US patent drawings, answering USPTO office actions, and managing patent related expenses. We can come to your company and train your employees to handle US patent activities.  Save thousands of dollars on US patent filings and prosecution. Contact us at 1-435-429-1111 for further information.

Provisional Patent Application

​A provisional patent application establishes a priority date, but does not mature into an issued patent. This allows the applicant to file a regular non-provisional patent application within one year, claiming priority to the earlier filed provisional application.   

A provisional application includes a specification, i.e. a written description, and one or more drawings if necessary for the understanding of the invention, but does not require patent claims, as well as other documents associated with non-provisional application filing.

Non-provisional Patent Application

A non-provisional patent application is the normal application, which can eventually mature into an issued patent.  In comparison with the provisional application, a non-provisional application additionally contains formal patent claims, and is filed with an inventor oath or declaration.

We offer a fixed drafting fee for most non-provisional patent applications. For unusually complex inventions we may issue a specific fixed fee quote. 

Patentability Search

We conduct a search of United States issued patents and published patent applications. The resulting search report includes a summary of search methodology, primary references found, and a patentability opinion.

Kickstart Patent Application Bundle

Significant technology and financial gains are realized from filing multiple applications centered around a core technology.