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Requirements for Patentability

35 USC §101
– Utility, Statutory Subject Matter

           Your invention must have utility and be useful.

           Your invention must be one of:

           a Process; 

           a Machine;

           a Manufacture; or

           a Composition of Matter.

35 USC §112 (a) – Enablement and Written Description

             Your invention must be described in enough detail allowing one of ordinary skill to make an use your invention. 

35 USC §112 (b) – Definiteness

            Your invention must be described and claimed in a definite way allowing the metes and bounds to be determined.

35 USC §102 – Anticipation

            Your invention must not be anticipated by prior art or by prior knowledge.

35 USC §103 – Obviousness

           Your invention must be non-obvious in view of prior art or by prior knowledge.